System Automation / Integration

Procurement AI (Artificial Intelligence) / SAAS (Software as a Service)

Nova Consulting can analyse data spend and variance across organisations and sites. We look at a range of perspectives from financial, customer and internal processes and identify meaningful insights to help aid effective decision making and support financial savings.

System Automation

In New Zealand, labour is expensive and will continue to increase in cost. With system automation, many benefits can be maximised, and time utilisation can be improved. Automation of systems reduces labour costs, and errors, freeing your staff to do more important tasks for your business.
Nova Consulting's invoice automation solution (Bill Simple) is a good example of what we can build for our customers. We have crafted a product that automates invoices into a range of systems. If a company wants to reduce un-needed administration workload, this tool can pick up a scanned document, email or PDF of an invoice and get it all the way through into your systems at a fraction of the cost.

Integration Services

Nova Consulting connects systems. Clients often come to us wanting data to be picked up by another system. This may involve linking payroll and finance systems to aid with auditing, or connecting clinical systems with billing, or integrating all systems with analytical tools. We have a strong history in getting data from one place to another in a reliable way.

IT Support

Nova Consulting supports and supplements your programs through IT support. With experienced staff and high-end skills, we do our best to understand your requirements and help you to complete projects efficiently to create value for money.

HR Automated On-Boarding Process

Nova Consulting's "HR Simple" allows for almost full automation and integration into many systems, greatly reducing HR/clinical time in on-boarding new staff into your organisation. It includes the initial application processes through to the online signing of contracts in a legally binding way and building information into local systems. In many cases, this system can supplement systems you already have in place. We supply, implement and provide ongoing support options if desired.

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